Former Windows Boss Steven Sinofsky Will Be An "Executive In Residence" At Harvard

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Last month, Microsoft and Windows boss Steven Sinofsky parted ways. The split appeared amicable on the surface, but other reports suggested otherwise. That's all behind us though and Sinofsky is focusing on the next chapter in his life.

Sinofsky announced on Twitter this afternoon that he will be heading to Harvard Business School in the spring semester to teach. He's calling the gig a sabbatical so it's hard to say just how long he'll be there.

Since the announcement, Sinofsky has been offering more details on what he will be doing at HBS besides teaching. It sounds like the former Windows boss will be pretty busy when he takes up the mantle of "Executive in Residence" this Spring.





It will be interesting to see if Sinofsky reveals any secrets about the development of Windows 8 over the next few months. I'm sure NDAs prevent him from speaking out on a lot of it, but students will undoubtedly try to gain any nugget of wisdom they can from a man who worked at Microsoft for so long and oversaw the development of Microsoft's most recent software launches.

[h/t: Microsoft News]

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