Forget Coke, Angry Birds Soda Is the Favorite in Finland

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In the States, you've probably seen your fair share of Angry Birds-themed products; maybe some Angry Birds gummy candies or Angry Birds plush toys. The game, which hit the one billion downloads mark this summer, truly is a global phenomenon.

But if you think we love Angry Birds here in the U.S., just wait until you hear this little factoid about people living in Finland.

According to Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka, Angry Birds soda is the most popular drink in Finland - more popular than Coke of Pepsi. He dropped this tidbit during a talk at the Slush conference, currently taking place in Helsinki. According to Vesterbacka, the themed soda will soon be moving to New Zealand and Australia as well.

Angry Birds soda currently comes in four varieties: Angry Birds Tropic, a tropical fruit-flavored drink; Angry Birds Paradise, a mandarin & pineapple-flavored drink; Angry Birds Lagoon, a apple & pear-flavored drink; and Angry Birds Space Comet, a orange & cola-flavored drink.

Of course, the popularity of Angry Birds and Angry Birds-themed merchandise in the country fo Finland shouldn't surprise anyone, considering that the game's makers, Rovio, are Finnish.

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