Ford Recall: 485,000 Escape SUVs Could Have Throttle Issues

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Ford recall: Nearly 485,000 Escapes (2001-2004), which are referred to as Mavericks overseas, are being recalled by the car manufacturer over sticking gas pedals that could, in theory, lead to deadly crashes. The Associated Press reports that the recall is being issue just a week after investigators began looking into the issue. This comes hot on the heels of the recall issued just a few weeks ago to address some carpeting alignment issues in the same model.

Here's what's wrong: When you depress the gas pedal all the way down, there's a possibility that control cables can stick to the engine cover. If this happens, the throttle is essentially left wide open, which can ultimately cause the vehicle to speed out of control. According to the AP, Ford has received 68 complaints, including 13 crashes, nine injuries, and, sadly, one death. In other words, this could be a potentially serious problem.

"This is not a situation where the engine would accelerate or go into a wide-open state on its own," Ford spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel explained. That's good to know. Apparently this issue can be resolved by repositioning and refastening the cables in question. However, dealers may not receive the proper equipment for several weeks.

Unfortunately, this is the third recall involving Ford's Escape SUVs. In addition to the aforementioned carpeting problem, the company was forced to call 11,500 Escapes in order to repair some dodgy fuel lines, which could crack open and leak gasoline. Until these problems are hammered out, I'd say it's a safe bet to stay away from these vehicles until all of the potentially dangerous kicks have been resolved.

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