Ford 2013 Models: More SYNC, More Technology

IT Management

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Consumers are demanding that more technology be integrated into their automobile's, that is a well documented consumer desire, and Ford was listening when they set-out to revamp their model line-up for 2013. In fact, this isn't new for Ford, they were the first to deliver integrated technology systems with their SYNC system many years ago.

What consumers can expect out of a new Ford automobile is integration. Ford's number one focus is to keep driver's eyes on the road without sacrificing their lifestyles. By streamlining conventional social media, navigation, and cell phone connectivity into the cockpits, they deliver safer, more user-friendly driving experiences.

Integration is made possible by collaborations with technology giants like Microsoft and Telenav.When drivers enter the vehicle, one of the first things they'll notice is a full color touchscreen 8" display that can be used to interface personally relevant infotainment.

You'll be able to access app information stored on your smartphone, you'll be able to access news, sports, weather forecasts, and the best thing is, most of it will be controlled via voice activation!

If you subscribe to Ford's SYNC services, you will also be treated to a wide-array of business listing and a turn-by-turn map navigation system.

So if improved safety, more technology, and easier accessibility is what you crave, you owe it to yourself to check out what Ford has in store for new model buyers. I think it's going to be impossible to fight the growing trend of communication technology and the distractions of having those devices present in the vehicle. The best thing manufacturers can do is create interfaces that keep our eyes on the road and attention on the streets.

I don't think Ford is the only one capitalizing on current social media and communication trends, but they are the first to make it an explicit direction for the company. It's a great idea and it looks like they did an outstanding job. Safety should always be one of manufacturer's top priorities and it looks like Ford is delivering on that sentiment in a big way.