For Americans, Remote Work = Living the Dream

A new poll indicates that two out of five Americans are living the dream, thanks to remote work....
For Americans, Remote Work = Living the Dream
Written by Matt Milano
  • A new poll indicates that two out of five Americans are living the dream, thanks to remote work.

    Work from home (WFH) gained a major boost as a result of the pandemic, but many companies are trying to force a return to the office (RTO). A new poll by OnePoll, on behalf of DoorDash, is giving a major boost to WFH and throwing cold water on RTO plans.

    According to the poll, two in five Americans attribute remote work to their living the dream. In fact, 42% of the 2,000 polled prefer mostly remote work, with only occasional in-office work days. When asked which they would choose exclusively, 26% would choose full remote, while only 9% would choose to be in the office full time.

    Interestingly, the poll also showed how employees are currently working, with 39% spending the majority of their time working remotely. Nearly one-quarter, or 24%, are exclusively remote. Even more telling is the fact that only one in five workers have more in-person workdays than remote.

    Not All Activities Are Equal

    Despite the strong preference for remote work, there are some things the respondents would prefer to do in person. For example, 57% vs 30% prefer in-person one-on-one meetings, while 51% vs 28% prefer in-office activities.

    Similarly, 51% vs 31% prefer in-person social activities and 46% vs 32% prefer in-person happy hours.

    “As companies are looking for solutions to support flexible work, food plays a leading role in maintaining a positive culture. It acts as a catalyst for employees to better connect with their teams, supports employee satisfaction and productivity, and inspires lasting memories through social gatherings over meals,” said Manushika Gabriel, Director & General Manager, DoorDash for Work.

    Overall, the poll should be a warning to companies not to push too hard for RTO policies. While 36% of respondents believe their company’s culture had improved since the pandemic began, roughly half said they planned on leaving their job within the next year. It’s not hard to imagine many of those potential defections may be driven by increasingly aggressive RTO plans.

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