Foobang! Is Instant Papa-Paparazzi For Your iPhone

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If keeping up with your favorite celebrities' multiple social media accounts, latest news or rumors of what they happened to have eaten at Del Posto last night, guess what - say it with me - there's an app for that now.

Foobang! is a newly available app for iPhone that aggregates every bit of news information of your preferred celebrities into a source on your phone. The break down the goods on their website:

In a matter of seconds, you can instruct Foobang! to retrieve information about your favourite stars, athletes, TV show hosts, models and politicians.

Foobang! continuously crawls thousands of sites, blogs, and Twitter feeds for the information you want the most.

Thanks to its push notification system, you'll always be the first to be informed. As soon as any article on one of your favourite celebrities is published, it is instantly analysed and sent to your phone.

If you're wondering about the stalkery applications of this iPhone app, uh... yeah. Watch this movie that Foobang! put together that I guess is supposed to show you how easy it is to follow around celebrities but leaves me feeling very disturbed with how it's narrated. Do they really want you to use the app this way? Ugh. Just watch it.

See what I mean? Stalker-ific.

If that's your thing, though, Foobang! could be an asset to you. As you see below, it basically crawls "thousands of sites" on the Internet for every crumb of information about your victim target celebrity of choice:

Celebrity gossip is ubiquitous enough in our culture that Foobang! isn't really encouraging a new habit in people - it's just streamlining the existing habits of people who already follow celebrities' lives into one convenient iPhone app. Still, I'm pretty sure that if you use the app the way the uncomfortably curious gentleman in the Foobang! video above uses it, it's likely that Foobang! will not pay for your court costs when you are arrested for stalking famous people who really want to eat their dinner in peace. So caveat emptor, iPhone users/celebrity followers: the app is currently available in the iPhone Apps Store.

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