Follow This Year's Summer Blockbusters With the 'Movieland' Boardgame

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Superhero movies are expected to dominate this year's summer movie list. The Avengers is still topping the box office right now, drawing huge amounts of ticket sales. But the season is just getting started, and there are many more big budget films (superhero and non-superhero) to come.

To keep up with all the major motion pictures, and to keep ticket buyers well aware of what's coming out, Yahoo Movies has teamed up with major production companies (Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, and Paramount) to release a new in-browser interactive board game called Movieland.

Players can interact with customized content, and collect badges that can in turn, score them free movie tickets. People can also buy tickets to shows in the game. Those that do will be entered to win special prizes. Users with the highest badge ratings within the game will be entered to win free movie tickets until the year 2020.

Movieland will come to life at this years Comic Con. A life-sized game board will be set up, and fans will be able to physically walk through and interact with stuff as if they were in the game. The giant board game will include real life props from some of the major motion pictures being released this summer.


Although this is an obvious marketing ploy to get people more engaged and excited about the movies coming out this summer, it will probably still be a fun game for movie buffs. It will include lots of trivia and the latest trailers for more cool movies. So, if you can get past the idea that the whole experience is just one big advertisement, it might be a fun way to get your fill on summer movie time.

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