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Oscar night is upon us, and it promises to be the biggest one yet for twitter followers. The award show is trying to increase buzz by observing a growing trend in social media: viewers simultaneously tweeting on their favorite TV shows while they watch them. According to Bluefin Labs, a social Media analytics company, during last year's broadcast, 87% of all Twitter comments were about the Academy Awards. That's close to a million tweets during the three hour long broadcast.

This year followers will have the opportunity to provide on air commentary as well as on by using hash tags "#BestDressed", "#oscars", and "#redcarpetqa".  Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia will be reading tweets on the Oscars Red Carpet Live Show on ABC.

Twitter will also showcase Live-tweet casting featuring commentary from numerous TV and music personalities.

Follow these tweeters for the latest Oscar news:

@TheAcademy covers all the behind the scenes action.

Host @BillyCrystal will be tweeting before, during, and after the ceremony.

@OscarGoer will put you front row center, as if you are attending the show yourself.

@OscarInterviews will provide press room coverage and interviews.

For celeb insights and fashion follow these tweeters during live coverage:










Or poke fun at the circus that is the Oscars with:






The 84th Academy Awards airs at 8:30est. Sunday, February 26th.