Flying People Weird Out New York City [VIDEO]

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Admit it: if you saw what appeared to be people - as in, real human people - flying in the sky without the aid of jets or parachutes or any other assisting apparatus, you'd probably pass out into a puddle of your own fright-pee. If you live in New York City, yesterday may have been one of those rare opportunities to experience such an event as several eye-witnesses reported seeing flying people over the city's skyline.

As much as real people really flying in the sky would be.. well, amazing, that wasn't quite the case. Instead, the objects that people mistook for flying people were actually remote controlled robots that are designed to look like humans. They're made from super light-weight materials like laser-cut foam and carbon fiber that amounts to the droids weighing a mere 3.3 pounds. Created by, the robots - well, I should say, the airplanes (but I really want to call them robots) were unleashed on the Big Apple recently and the video below captures the stunning display of what a world might look like if superheros really did share this world with us.

Y'know, I gotta say.... even though I know that those robots are not real human beings, watching "people" hover around in the free air like that makes my dorsal hairs stand up. Those poor people on the Brooklyn Bridge below the robots must've been in a frenzy. Like... you just can't surprise people like that, inventors.

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