"Flu Sorbet": Just What The Doctor Ordered

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In old movies, you'll often see someone swig back a big shot of alcohol when they're sick or have been out in the cold too long, and while it doesn't cure illness, some feel it definitely helps a sore or irritated throat. And if you have enough, you don't even care if it doesn't work.

Jenni Britton Bauer, the owner of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, says she's found the perfect concoction for her customers this flu season, and it includes a healthy shot of Maker's Mark bourbon. But, bourbon in ice cream?

“I’ve had people tell me it’s the only thing that makes them feel better. It actually does have a physical effect,” she said.

The treat--which is called Influenza Sorbet--is also made up of honey, lemon, ginger, orange, cayenne pepper, and pectin, which is also found in cough drops. The pectin works to coat the throat, while the cayenne clears up stuffy noses. Bauer says she's been making the sorbet for years, but hasn't marketed it until this year, when reports of the flu have quadrupled in some states and have necessitated a "health emergency" declared in others. Of course, health care providers would prefer we all get flu shots, but this just might help in the meantime.

For those not in the Ohio area, the sorbet is available to order online. The taste? Like a spicy whiskey sour.

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