Floyd Mayweather Makes Appearance At BET Awards


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Floyd Mayweather may be able to handle most men in a boxing ring, but when it comes to women in the real world, he is a little less skilled.

He recently tried to strike up a friendly conversation with rapper T.I.'s wife on the red carpet of the BET Awards, but she did not want to chat with the boxer.

Floyd and T.I. have had some serious beef with each other, and although it seemed like Floyd was making an attempt to put the past behind them, T.I.’s wife wanted no part in it.

Floyd and T.I.'s wife Tiny were rumored to be having an affair. Rumors of the relationship led to the two men getting in a fight at a Fatburger in Los Angeles just last month.

Tiny was in the middle of an interview when Floyd began yelling her name and even reached out to grab her arm to get her attention. Tiny however, simply ignored him and continued with her interview.

By ignoring Floyd, Tiny may have prevented a fight between the two men again.

It’s easy to understand why Tiny would avoid a conversation with Floyd, but hard to understand why Floyd would approach Tiny in the first place after knowing how mad her husband was at him.

Floyd had a little better luck with his girlfriend Doralie Medina, who he recently took on a $70,000 shopping spree. The boxer spent $30,000 dollars at Saks Fifth Avenue where Doralie bought shoes and handbags.

Next the couple hit up a jewelry store where Floyd spent $40,000. Most of the products purchased during the shopping spree were bought for Doralie to wear or bring to the BET Awards.

Oddly, Doralie was with Floyd when he tried to approach Tiny at the event and seemed as eager to talk to Tiny as Floyd was.

What do you think of Floyd's fight with T.I. and his excessive spending on his girlfriend Doralie?

Image via Wikimedia Commons