Floyd Mayweather Accused Of Assault And Kidnapping


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When it comes to boxer Floyd Mayweather, there are some who idolize the guy and there are some who can't stand him.

Then of course you have those people still on the fence, because they're not sure if he's a real champion for dodging the better fighters or if he's even likable for that matter.

Well, those on-the-fence-folks may be leaping off that fence very soon, because according to TMZ, the 37 year old fighter assaulted two of his employees after he thought they stole his jewelry. There's even kidnapping accusations involved.

According to the celebrity gossip site, Mayweather hired two gentleman to do some work on his home, and once some jewelry turned up missing, Mayweather accused the men of swiping it.

Now this is where things get extremely ugly:

Based on reports, Mayweather asked the two employees to meet him away form his home to discuss the stolen property, but talking was the furthest thing from his mind. Instead, the men were met by Mayweather who had a bunch of guys along with him. From there the two men were brutally assaulted.

Today, the former employees are suffering from broken arms and legs, as Mayweather and his entourage allegedly used clubs and bats during the attack, and although no charges have been filed yet, the two men have retained a lawyer and have probably spoken to the police already.

But what's just as sad as the beating itself, is the fact that Mayweather later found out the two men really didn't take the jewelry.

Of course there is a very good chance Mayweather and his buddies will be in a lot of trouble in the coming days or weeks, because it wasn't just a simple fight between him and the two men--there were serious injuries involved and the attack could have easily been fatal.

According to a TMZ source the beating was something you might see in one of those gangster flicks or it's something that Walter White would have ordered for one of his rivals. "It was some Breaking Bad s---," said the inside source about the beating. Certainly, there will be a lot more revealed about this tragic incident for sure.

Image via YouTube