Florida Woman Texted "Driving Drunk Woo" Right Before Allegedly T-Boning a Truck and Killing Her Passenger

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A person is dead thanks to the careless actions of a Florida woman, so there's nothing funny about this story.

But its sheer stupidity factor makes it important.

In August of 2013, a 22-year-old woman ran a red light at 4:45 am and plowed her rented smart car into the side of a truck. She survived, the driver of the truck survived, but her 22-year-old passenger did not.

Prosecutors have just released a series of texts Mila Dago sent just moments before the fatal crash, and they're, well...

From the Miami Herald:

Dago, newly released police records show, was also in the midst of a nasty breakup with her boyfriend. And as she and friends barhopped in Miami in the early hours of Aug. 14, 2013, she fired off a barrage of angry text messages that finally culminated in horrifyingly prophetic words:

“Driving drunk woo …” “Ill be dead thanks to you …” “Lata”

Texting while drunk driving – a very good way to ensure you have a terrible remainder of your life.

Dago has pleaded not guilty to DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and two counts of DUI with damage to a person. She's also named in a civil suit.

About 20 minutes before the fatal crash, her recently ex-boyfriend texted “What you talking about your physco stop weirdo.” She had reportedly texted him over 60 times throughout the night – the last ones coming while she was behind the wheel.

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