Florida Sinkhole Opens Up, Swallows Man

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A Florida sinkhole has pulled a man into a cavern that extends an estimated 100 feet across, and investigators say they haven't found signs of life during their search for him.

Jeffrey Bush's brother, Jeremy, says he heard an incredibly loud crash and then a scream for help. When he ran into Jeffrey's bedroom, he found the entire room collapsed and attempted to go down to make a rescue, but ultimately had to be rescued himself.

"It swallowed his whole bedroom, his dresser -- everything in his room is gone," Jeremy said. "All I could see was the top of his bed. So I jumped in the hole and tried digging him out. I thought I could hear him screaming for me and hollering for me."

The sinkhole was initially estimated to be about 30 feet wide, but officials say it extends at least 70 feet more beneath the surface. Bush has not been officially presumed dead, but at this point things are looking grim.

"We put engineering equipment into the sinkhole and didn't see anything compatible with life," Hillsborough County Fire spokeswoman Jessica Damico said.

Incredibly, the home looks normal from the street; apparently the bedroom was completely on top of the sinkhole. Neighbors on either side of the home have been evacuated, however.

Amanda Crum
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