Florida Shooting Trial: The Jury Still Out


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The Trial of Micheal Dunn, the Florida man accused of murdering 17-year old Jordan Davis, concluded this past Wednesday, and right now, the jury is in their second day of deliberation.

For those who aren't familiar with the case, Dunn came in contact with Davis and Davis' friends while he stopped at a Jacksonville gas station in 2012 to pick up a bottle of wine and potato chips.

While Dunn's fiance entered the store, he got into an argument with Davis and his friends over loud music coming from their SUV. According to Dunn, he believed that one of the teens pointed a shotgun at him, after the occupants of both cars had a heated and cursed-filled exchange.

But afterwards police found no gun, either at the gas station or in the shopping plaza down the street where the teens fled after Dunn released 10 shots, and since Dunn left the scene right after and never called police, many believe he was trying to get away because he knew that he did something wrong.

Plus, he never called the cops or alerted 911 at all, so days after the shooting police tracked him down in Brevard Country where he lives, and eventually charged him with first degree murder and attempted murder for also shooting at the other teens in the car.

Although some believe the prosecution has an open and shut case, others believe that Dunn was justified in shooting Davis, although no gun was ever found on him or in the vehicle.

Erin Wolfson, who's one of the state's prosecutors, said this case is nothing more than a middle aged man getting upset because a bunch of teenagers were mouthing off at him.

"This defendant, when he pulled up next to that SUV, his blood started to boil," she said during her closing arguments.

"He didn't like the music that was coming out of the car next to him. He got angrier and angrier as that music irritated him. This defendant went crazy. He got angry at the fact that a 17-year old kid decided not to listen to him."

Image via Justice.gov