Florida out Floridas Itself with a Craigslist Meet-up Turned Botched Kidnapping at a Walmart

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Before we get in to one of the most Florida stories in the history of both Florida and stories, let's all go ahead and take a deep breath - this story involves Craigslist, attempted kidnapping, guns, Walmart, parking lot rage, and of course, Florida.

Two men are facing charges of aggravated assault, robbery, and attempted kidnapping after they tried - and failed - to abduct a man they met on Craigslist in broad daylight in a Walmart parking lot. America.

Darius Beasley, 21, and Jamichael Tucker, 19, are being held on $103,000 and $125,000 bond, respectively.

As the story goes, our unidentified victim met a man to allegedly purchase his $4,500 wedding ring. The two arranged the meet-up via Craigslist.

Our presumed divorcee met with Beasley, let him inside his truck, and proceeded to make the deal. That's when things got really Florida interesting.

I'll let the Pensacola News Journal's Kevin Robinson take it from here:

The victim said that immediately afterward, Tucker approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and pointed a gun inside. Tucker then allegedly opened the door of the vehicle and attempted to put duct tape around the victim’s wrists.

The victim was able to get out of the vehicle and run away, and the two suspects returned to their car and drove off, the report said. The victim began to chase the pair in his truck, and Tucker reportedly leaned out of his car window and began shooting at the victim.

Luckily, shockingly, and un-Floridaingly, no one was injured in the exchange.

In the future, chasing a man with a gun when you, yourself, are unarmed, is ill-advised. I'm just thinking out loud here. Also, on the other hand, don't try to kidnap people. I think that's sound life advice, even for The Sunshine State.

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