Florida Men Butt-Dial Employer, Detail Robbery in Voicemail

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In an era of smartphones and passcodes, one would think that the instances of "butt dialing" would decline, if not disappear altogether.

But this is Florida.

Two Key West men have been booked on charges of felony grand theft after leaving a voicemail detailing their crime. They didn't know they were leaving the voicemail, of course, as one of the men had accidentally called his employer.

From the Miami Herald:

David Ricky Fanuelsen, 39, and Dean Ellis Brown, 22, are accused of stealing three saws from their employer, Concrete Solutions, at a job site on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

They got caught after one of them accidentally “butt dialed” the office. The call went to voice mail, which recorded Fanuelsen and Brown discussing how they planned to pawn the tools, Key West Police Department spokeswoman Alyson Crean said.

It appears this was rather damning evidence, as both men have since confessed to stealing the saws.

If this story sounds too funny to be true, you should know that this happens all the time. It's actually impressive how many criminals find a way to butt dial people and detail, at length, their various crimes.

Like that time a couple of video game thieves butt-dialed 911 and discussed their plans to sell the stolen merchandise for over an hour as the operator listened in. Or the time a Pennsylvania man accidentally called 911 during a drug deal. Then there was that time Florida Man butt-dialed 911 and detailed a murder plot. Oh yeah, and we can't forget about the modern day Bonnie and Clyde from Roswell, New Mexico, who unwittingly dialed 911 and discussed a just-committed robbery, all while blasting Bon Jovi's 'Wanted Dead or Alive'.

You can't make this stuff up.

Image via Martin Abegglen, Flickr Creative Commons

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