Florida Man Shoots Guy for Facebook Messaging His Wife

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It looks like Florida Man needs to get his jealousy in check.

Florida Man, the world's worst superhero, is able to change his appearance and identity whenever he sees fit. Florida Man can also alter his gender at any time and become Florida Woman, though it's a rarer occurrence. This time Florida Man has turned up at 22-year-old Christopher Romoleroux, a repeat criminal offender who is facing second degree murder charges after shooting a guy over Facebook messages.

According to police, Romoleroux discovered that his wife, Ludwika Duarte, had been exchanging Facebook communications with another man, Clarence Autley. According to Autley, Romoleroux's wife had contacted him via Facebook – just to catch up. The two had previously known each other but hadn't been in contact in six years. They exchanged phone numbers and sent some texts.

It's unlikely to have mattered to Florida Man, however. According to an affidavit, Romoleroux decided to play the ol' text switcheroo and asked Autley if he wanted to meet up

From the Sun Sentinel:

Assuming the text was from Duarte, Autley replied with his address, the affidavit said. While waiting in his driveway for Duarte to arrive, Autley saw a silver four-door car with tinted windows stopped in the street in front of his house.

The driver got out of the car, started to punch Autley and yelled, "Why you trying to get with my woman?" The two grappled in the street until Autley's neighbor intervened.

The driver walked back to his car, grabbed a small-caliber black handgun, then fired once, striking Autley in his left thigh, the affidavit said. He then drove off in the silver car.

With the help of Facebook photos, it wasn't hard for Autley and police to figure out the attacker and his likely motivations.

Autley suffered a broken femur and various cuts and abrasions.

Florida Man will be spending some time in jail, and will likely have to pass the face to another.

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