Florida Man Facebooks Cop-Adjacent Drug Deal Photos

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Florida Man, the world's worst superhero, is staying busy, as always.

A Port St. Lucie man has been arrested after–well, after doing a lot of dumb things. According to the Martin County Sheriff's office, 21--year-old Taylor Harrison has been arrested and held on $55,000 bond after selling drugs to undercover narcotics agents.

Oh, and right before that, he apparently took some drug-dealing selfies right next to a Sheriff's vehicle and posted them to Facebook.

"These are photos of 21-year old Taylor Harrison of Port St. Lucie bragging on his Facebook page about his life as a drug dealer and how easy it is for him to sell drugs in front of our deputies,"said the Martin County Sheriff's Office in a Facebook post. "Since Taylor was kind of enough to share photos of us on his Facebook page, we thought we would share these photos of Taylor on our page."

This pic-stitch tells a story–a story as old as time itself: Shit ends poorly for braggarts and fools.

From the Sheriff's office:

The first photo Taylor took himself as he pulled alongside one of our deputies. The second photo is a selfie of Taylor with stacks of drug cash and drugs that he says he sells. Notice next to his car, is a patrol car.

The third shot is a MCSO undercover camera capturing Taylor selling drugs to one of us. He tells us, he is the best around!

The photo to the right is Taylor’s booking photo at Martin County Jail after being arrested for...you guessed it, selling drugs to our undercover narcotics detectives.


Image via Martin County Sheriff's Office, Facebook

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