Flight MH370: New Witness Comes Forward

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains unaccounted for since it vanished on March 8th.

Though recovery efforts are ongoing, hope is fading that the plane—along with the 239 people aboard—will ever be seen again.

In the time since the plane's disappearance, there have been conflicting stories as to what is thought to have happened to it.

A few "eyewitness accounts" were offered by persons who claimed they saw the missing plane fly overhead. Eventually these leads were proven false.

Now there is yet another person who has stepped forward with an alleged eyewitness account.

A woman named Katherine Tee said that she believes she not only saw Flight MH370 while sailing in the Indian Ocean, she may have witnessed the plane going down.

The British woman said of the supposed sighting, "It caught my attention because I had never seen a plane with orange lights before."

Tee also noted "black smoke" trailing behind the plane.

"It did occur to me that it might be a meteorite. But I thought it was more likely that I was going insane.”

Somehow the idea that she was witnessing an actual plane crash struck the woman as "insane" and made her fear that she was "hallucinating".

Perhaps the reason why Tee was so puzzled by what she was seeing (and the lack of efficient response after the fact) was that according to her account,

"There were two other planes well above [it] at the time."

Tee described the planes as moving away from the scene, but certainly close enough to witness the plane's state of distress.

When asked why she didn't come forward with what she'd seen until months after the fact, Tee could only apologize.

"I chose to sweep it under the carpet and now I feel really bad...I am sorry I didn’t take action sooner."

Do you believe Tee's story or is it yet another false eyewitness report? Comment below!

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