Flight 370 Found? GeoResonance Stands By Claims.

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In the ongoing saga that is Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, here have been several purported breakthroughs.

We reported here recently about a company, GeoResonance, that uses proprietary technology to search large areas -- sections of ocean, for example -- for specific elements such as metals or other minerals. The technology is usually used in mining and other mineral rights endeavors. But that company claims that it has found what could be Flight 370, but it is far from where everyone else is looking.

Australian researchers have dismissed the claims of GeoResonance, saying that they are not looking in that area, but offering no further reason why no one is even bothering to go check.

GeoResonance stands by its find, and asks why no one is even bothering to look in the area they have pointed to.

You'll also remember that even Courtney Love scanned the publicly-available satellite imagery and located the jet, once upon a time.

Now comes a tale of another man who has dedicated weeks of his life to finding the missing plane. His research has also consisted of scanning satellite imagery. Most of what he has found is described by others as "vague white spots, blurry shapes without any clear detail."

Donald Elliott says that the images he sees in these satellite photos are of the sinking plane, passengers floating with life jackets and being attacked by sharks, and signal fires burning on pieces of wreckage.

"It's frustrating because nobody will listen to me," said Elliott, "I don't care if people call me crazy," he said. "I was watching those people die, and I owe it to them to keep trying to convince the authorities that I'm right."

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