Flight 370: Expert Claims Pilot Sank Plane


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Since flight 370 went missing, there have been numerous theories and attempts to explain its disappearance.

Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah has long been considered a prime suspect and many people believe that he was somehow involved with the disappearance.

An expert who spent over four months studying the circumstances under which the plane disappeared has come up with a new and unique theory that he believes explains why no trace of the plane or passengers have ever been found.

Ewan Wilson, an aviator, accident investigator and founder of Kiwi Airlines, came up with his theory after researching the pilot's background and personal life.

He believes that Shah killed all of the passengers by depressurizing the cabin to deprive them of oxygen.

He then landed the plane safely in the middle of the ocean and allowed it to sink to the bottom.

Wilson believes that Shah knew that if he allowed the plane to sink while fully intact, there would be no debris or wreckage to find. He also believes that it was part of Shah's plan to leave behind something for the world to remember him by.

"Ahmad Shah was a man known for his methodical, thorough nature, for his love of the technical, and probably for his ego, too,” said Wilson, whose findings are detailed in his new book, Goodnight Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss Of Flight 370. “This would have been his final sad act to his family and to the world: ‘find this one.’”

Wilson said that he didn't come up with the theory until he had considered every other possible scenario. He also said that although the theory may sound a little strange, it is the one that makes the most sense.

“We could never have foreseen the information we uncovered, or their implications,” Wilson said. “Neither could we have imagined the horrific scenario that our research suggests took place on board that fateful plane.”