Flickr Tests 'New Photo Experience' with 25% Larger Photos

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Continuing on the path to making Flickr awesome again, the Yahoo-owned company has taken a step to make viewing photos on the web a lot more enjoyable.

"The new photo experience now gives you the largest possible image, while not deprecating the story around a photo. With the new photo experience the image is about 25% bigger than on the previous photo page. You’ll see more pixels, get a cleaner view without any elements on the top or the bottom of the screen, so that photos can really be the center point," says Flickr.

Photos are indeed much, much larger in the new view. Comments, descriptions, likes, and other supplementary information have been pushed to the right-hand side. It allows you to see all of the pertinent photo info without having to scroll down. Flickr is also experimenting with photo recommendations

Back in May, Flickr unveiled a completely redesigned user interface that did away with a lot of the white space and make photo viewing a more immersive experience. At the time, individual photo pages were improved, but the new design represents a marked improvement.

Flickr also touts a speed improvement:

"The new photo experience is build from the ground up and uses new technology to show you photos much faster. While we are still working on improving the performance even more, you’ll see a significant performance boost just by going from one photo to another. Which, by the way, you can now simply do by clicking in the image," says Flickr's Emily Yiu.

You can take the new photo experience for a test drive by clicking the "try our new photo experience" button, which is located on any individual photo page. Flickr says that they plan to roll it out wide later this year.

Image via Flickr blog

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