Flickr Responds To "Dear Marissa Mayer" Campaign With Job Posting

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Earlier this week, Yahoo shocked the tech world by naming Google's Marissa Mayer their new President and CEO. Mayer, who worked at Google for 13 years, was the company's 20th employee, first female engineer, and was instrumental in making the company the search giant they are today.

Not 24 hours later, Mayer already had a big request from the internet community:


The site was created, and the message was spread virally over Twitter. Clearly, ex-Flickr and current Flickr users simply want the once-leading photo-sharing site to be restore to its former glory. And since Marissa Mayer now runs the company that bought Flickr back in 2005, I guess she seemed like the right one to ask.

Now, Flickr has responded to that request in a pretty stellar fashion. Here's what you'll find at

Note Flickr used "awesomer." Well played.

For reference, here's what the original Dear Marissa Mayer message looks like:

Flickr's message is an open invitation for qualified individuals to apply for jobs with the company. According to their about page, the Flickr team is comprised of only 42 people. As of right now, they are looking for two software engineers, a frontend engineer, and senior service engineer, and data storage engineer, and a community manager.

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