Flickr Partners With Aviary For Photo Editing Wizardry

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Flickr's given users some sparkling new tools with how they can edit photos on the site thanks to a new partnership with web-based photo editing service Aviary. Aviary has been around as an app for both iOS and Android devices as well as a web app that features a set of easy-to-use tools that can greatly improve the quality of photos, and with 3.5 million photos added to Flickr every day, that's a lot of photos that are going to look a lot sharper in the near future.

According to Flickr's official blog, Aviary will be launching on Thursday, April 5, and will continue to be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. As users continue to get acquainted with Aviary, you'll likely notice that photos load and render faster. Below is a glimpse of what you can expect to see once Aviary starts to show up in profiles. You can access the photo editor via the left-hand Actions drop-down menu. Once Aviary is available to you, you'll see an option that reads, "Edit photo in Aviary." If you don't see it, well... just wait longer. It'll be there soon enough.

Additionally, Aviary's got a blog post demonstration of how simple yet effective it is to use their editing tools within Flickr.

The partnership with Aviary comes as Flickr's previous partnership with another photo editing service, Picnik, is shuttering its windows later this month, April 19. Picnik was acquired by Google in 2010 but I guess having Picnik and Picasa was considered a redundancy for Google. Or, as Google phrases it, the Picnik team will be "helping to create photo editing magic in Google’s products."