Flickr Introduces 'Liquid' Layout

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Photo sharing platform Flickr has been undergoing a redesign, recently launching a new uploader that accommodates larger pictures, in line with the platform's philosophy of “Large sizes + Low compression = Beautiful Photos.” Now hi-resolution pictures are viewable via Flickr's main page, according to the site's blog.

flickr liquid

Flickr calls this its "liquid" layout, and adjusts photo size according to the size of the browser window - and location, time, camera, title, description and tags can still be added. Key features include:

-The biggest photo size is shown depending on your browser window
-There is absolutely no “upscaling”, and we try to avoid downsampling as much as possible.
-The title and the sidebar are visible without scrolling on landscape oriented photos. (which are the vast majority of photos on Flickr.)

The lack of upscaling and downsampling is likely a welcome feature for professional photographers, as certain resizing tactics haven't done wonders for image quality in the past. Flickr is also introducing the new photo sizes to its API and in its “All Sizes” interface. For more detail on how the liquid layout resampling works, check out Flickr's code blog.

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