Flickr for iOS Gets Auto-Upload, Auto-Straightening

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If you use Flickr on iOS 7, you no longer have to manually upload your photos (unless you really want to).

Flickr has just announced an update that brings an auto-upload function to the app. Just like auto-upload functions on apps like Google+ and Facebook, you can opt-in to having any photos you take automatically upload to your Flickr accounts. From there, you'll have granular control over which photos you make public.

With this update for iOS, Flickr is also adding an auto-straightening feature that they say will alleviate some frustration.

"Our last update included customizable filters and editing tools, and we’re adding a powerful new addition: auto-straightening. Have you ever framed up the perfect photo but got bumped as you took the shot? It can be pretty frustrating. With the tap of a button, the Flickr app will instantly straighten your picture. It’s a tool that works like magic when your photo is just a little bit off," says Flickr's Markus Spiering.

A little over a month ago, Flickr made a big improvement to their iOS app by adding live filters. Yahoo recently acquired IQ Engines as well, which will be used to improve Flickr in the future. That's only one of a slew of acquisitions Yahoo has made, many of which seem to have direct implications to Flickr.

When Yahoo first hired Marissa Mayer as CEO, she got hit with a clear directive from internet users: make Flickr awesome again. Whether or not it's regained its awesome status is up to users, but Yahoo is definitely trying to improve the photo-sharing network.

Image via Flickr Blog

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