Fleshlight iPad Case Is Real And In Development

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Earlier this week, we told you about a somewhat creepy yet undeniably intriguing concept that was sure to take forever alone to a whole new level.

A concept design called the FLESHLiPad Holder generated a lot of buzz around the interwebs, unsurprisingly, considering it's an iPad case that mounts a Fleshlight to the bottom of your device. Fleshlights, or faux-vagina flashlights, are quite the popular item, as are iPads, porn, and sex, naturally.

Because of this, we speculated that it was only a matter of time until this little concept became a reality.

It turns out, that's happening sooner than we thought. Gizmodo obtained the following quote from Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin:

It's another exciting product we have in development at the moment. We are always looking to improve our user experience and this will be a way to take it to another level. Continue watching Fleshlight.com for it.

Another level indeed. Soon, denizens of the internet, you will have the option to have sex with your tablets, if you so choose. And not just any sex, but sex brought to you by the AVN 2012 winner for "Best Sex Toy Company."

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