Flash Player 11.7, AIR 3.7 Introduce New Features And Tools


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Adobe continues its tireless march of improving its software with new updates being released for both Flash Player and AIR today.

First, Flash Player is now up to version 11.7. The latest version introduces better security "through sandboxing enhancements." The Flash Player team has also fixed "high priority bugs, and issues that were reported by our community and partners."

In other Flash news, Adobe recently previewed the next version of Flash Professional codenamed "hellcat." The main takeaway is that the next version of Flash Professional will be built for x64 architectures, and it will be "10 times faster" than Flash Professional CS6.

AIR received a pretty sizable update as it made the move to version 3.7. The mobile development suite introduces the following features:

...we are introducing exciting features such as captive runtime debugging capabilities for android apps; which let developers create and debug their Android apps quickly and easily. We are also excited to introduce the capability to force CPU Render-mode on some iOS devices. Using this feature, a developer can turn on CPU rendering for specific iOS devices, and utilize GPU rendering for others.

You can grab Flash Player 11.7 here, and AIR 3.7 here.