Flappy Bird Returning in August with Multiplayer

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As 2014 was just beginning, a new craze was taking over the smartphone-using world. It was a simple, addictive, yet highly difficult little game called Flappy Bird. It became such a sensation that its creator, Dong Nguyen, decided he "just couldn't take it anymore" and decided to pull it from the App Store. Near riots ensued (or as close as you can get on the internet), and people demanded that he put it back up for download.

About a month passed, and Nguyen tweeted that he would bring back Flappy Bird–but not soon.

Now, he has confirmed to CNBC's Kelly Evans that August is the date, and when it comes back he'd like it to have multiplayer.

Also, he says that he wants to make it "less addictive," as people's level of obsession was apparently one of the reasons he decided to pull the plug back in February–even though he claimed he was raking in upwards of $50,000 a day in revenue.

Prepare yourselves for a whole new round of crippling frustration.

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