Flappy Bird Creator Returns with Another Impossible Game

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Dong Nguyen, the guy who created one of the most addictive and polarizing mobile games in recent memory and then yanked it out from under everyone, has just launched his follow up effort.

Swing Copters is now available on iOS and Android, and it borrows some of the same look and feel of Nguyen's crack-like offering, Flappy Bird.

Swing Copters is a lot like Flappy Bird, in that you must tap on your screen to control a rather hard-to-control character, guiding it through gates without touching the sides. While the motion in Flappy Bird moves side to side and your taps make the character fly up or down, Swing Copters scrolls vertically and your taps affect the little guy's horizontal motion.

I sucked at Flappy Bird and I also suck at Swing Copters. Like its predecessor, Swing Copter is kind of tough to get the hang of.

Let's be real – Swing Copters is nearly impossible. Like Flappy Bird, there is a very steep learning curve.

But will it prove to be as addictive as Flappy Bird? When Nguyen yanked Flappy Bird from the App Store earlier this year, he said that its "addictiveness" was one of the reasons he decided to pull the plug – even though he was reportedly raking in upwards of $50,000 a day in revenue (thanks to in-game ads).

In May, Nguyen said he would bring back Flappy Bird, with multiplayer, in August. Well, it's August and instead we have a new, Flappy Bird-esque game. Go play it now, but don't expect to feel anything but frustration.

Image via Swing Copters, iTunes

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