First Wii U Commercial Is Trying To Make Me Regret Pre-Ordering It


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I am dangerously susceptible to hype. The Wii U is the latest hype machine that got a pre-order out of me before I could rationally think about it. NIntendo hasn't done anything yet to make me regret my choice, but the first ad for the console is definitely trying.

The first ad for the Wii U to hit the UK came out over the weekend, and it's a little underwhelming. After the wonderfully absurd non-specific action figure commercial, this one just falls a little flat. It does little to sell the Wii U as anything unique, and instead tells you that Batman: Arkham City, a year-old game, is all new.

Check it out for yourself:

Of course, this is the UK commercial. There still has not been a commercial in the U.S. and it could be much better. Nintendo has had a long history of great ads for their products in the U.S. with the original Wii commercial being one of the best ad televised ad campaigns in recent memory.

Nintendo will hopefully be able to capture the same magic with the Wii U's ad campaign. That's not obviously happening in the UK, but Nintendo of America stil has a chance to right these wrongs. The hardcore is already invested in the Wii U so Nintendo just needs to get the casual crowd back on board again. That might prove to be easier said than done.