First Open Cross-Communication Between Social Networks?

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Cliqset shared some pretty interesting news with WebProNews today. They say that for the first time ever, the users of two independent, public web entities are able to communicate with each other, without being on the same service as the person they are communicating with. Cliqset and have accomplished this using Salmon, but this isn't just big news for these two services. It's big news for the open web.

"This is a great demonstration of Cliqset's larger vision of social networks being siteless, and we think it's going to be the future of how all services interact and, more importantly, how users of these services interact," Cliqset tells WebPronews.

Cliqset and claim first live salmon implementation“All in all, [it's] a very exciting and equally important step in the world of open standards and DiSo," Cliqset says, noting that Google Buzz is also on its way to implementing the protocol.

But the Cliqset/ is the first live example of it, according to Cliqset.

Cliqset describes itself as a completely open, read/write platform designed to give you everything you need to create and integrate the next great social app. The StatusNet platform enables communities, brands and organizations to incorporate micro messaging into their own domain, says

"As of now, users of any website (e.g can now communicate in real-time with Cliqset users via the Salmon @user@domain message format," Cliqset tells us. "Which means, if you're on Cliqset, you can comment and @reply to a user...and that user will receive the message without having to visit Cliqset and vice versa."

Now imagine similar functionality among all your favorite social networks - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Buzz, YouTube, blogs, etc. Is this the beginning of a truly more open web? What do you think?

Chris Crum
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