Firefox 6 Next Tuesday?

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If there aren't a new batch of bugs discovered between this weekend and Tuesday, the 16th of August, Firefox fans and users alike can expect a new version of the browser to be available.

As pointed out by Maximum PC, who did some snooping around Mozilla's Releases wiki for Firefox 6 and found the following statement

Current Status

On Track with a few bugs still remaining. No concerns for Tuesday.

Not much obfuscation there, nor is there much to be misunderstood. Considering how blunt Mozilla was about memory degradation--"Leaks are generally more important, as they are more likely to lead to horrible performance."--taking them at their word does come across as foolhardy.

There are some additional statements on the release wiki, including an interesting revelation about Yahoo!'s search toolbar. In the "Add-ons" section, the following quote is present for all to see, under the "Outstanding Issues/Concerns" section:

Yahoo! Toolbar will probably not make the cut. Will have better answer by end of week.

Does this mean no more Yahoo! search for future versions of Firefox? Considering Yahoo! search is essentially Bing, does it really matter? From a quick glance, no mention of Bing issues were present, and since one powers the other, users won't be missing out. Of course, the bug could be fixed by the time version 6.0 gets its .1 or .0.1 revision.

Of course, considering their heightened version update schedule, there may not be a many revisions to speak of. A quick look at their projected release calendar indicates users could see as many as four more Firefox updates, with six, seven, eight and nine perhaps being released before 2011 runs out:

Firefox Release Dates

Notice the "...and so on, every six weeks" portion? Does this mean that, in the coming years, users could almost nine Firefox version updates a year? Is that getting close to the "overkill" portion of software releases? Or is keeping up with the Joneses that is Google Chrome really that important?

Let us know what you think.