Fired From Bakery Job, Alonzo Lerone Resets His Life as a Successful YouTube Creator

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This is a story of inspiration for all of you wannabe YouTube creators who are afraid to follow your dreams. Alonzo Lerone was working in a bakery, posting some videos on YouTube, but not really believing that he could make a living from YouTube ad revenue. Then Alonzo was fired and his life took a turn for the better.

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How it Began for Alonzo

"Being from a small city, I didn't think I could make a living off of YouTube," says Alonzo. "No one heard of Goldsboro. I was working on YouTube during my stint at the bakery. I didn't have a nine to five, I had a nine to nine job. YouTube was an outlet for me, it was to escape my problems."

"I was getting vibes so I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when," commented Alonzo. "When I got fired from it, I shook their hand and said thank you for the opportunity. When one door closes, another window opens and I left it at that."

Hard Work and Consistency

"I made an oath to myself in late 2013 where I said, when 2014 comes along I'm going to my classes and I'm going to upload at least one video a week," said Alonzo. "When people were at the beach during the summers I was working in the books and doing YouTube. By the end of 2014 I realized, oh my gosh I've been doing it! If I ever win an award I would totally give my boss a shout out saying thank you for firing me, it gave me more time to do what I love to do."

"I am able to make a living," said Alonzo. "I bought a house, paid my car off, paid my school loans off. It's about saving and being consistent. I don't want to get to that moment where YouTube feels like work. I'm not uploading three videos in one week. I don't take a six month break. I'm really consistent.

Advice for YouTube Success!

"My advice is don't get discouraged because of low views," says Alonzo. "Don't delete your videos. When I first started out I was in competition. When I stopped concentrating on the numbers and started focusing on my own content that's when the numbers came in. I just hit a million subscribers. I feel like I'm on top of the world right now with my channel!"

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