Finally, Facebook May Finally Let You Edit Posts (Finally)

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Facebook is currently testing a feature that people have wanted since the first time Facebook ever let anyone post anything - the ability to edit your own posts.

AllFacebook spotted a public update from Facebook's Nick Schrock that contained a conspicuous "edit."

Nick Schrock

For some reason, I decided to watch this video tonight, in its entirety, for the 3rd or 4th time. It really is riveting. It's just Jobs answering questions for an hour. Most people who have seen it have seen the portion of him handling the brazen insult disguised as a question with aplomb, humor, and insight. As a whole, it contains an amazing amount of vision and judgement that is still relevant, 16 years later.

edit: 16 years later cc: Venky

Facebook confirmed that they were testing post edits.

"I can confirm it’s something we are testing, but don’t have any further details," said a spokesperson.

Of course, it's only a test and Facebook scraps plenty of tested features all the time. But this one needs to stick. Everyone wants this. You want this, right?

Facebook rolled out comment editing about a year ago. It's saved me plenty of ridicule for the inevitable "your" "you're" misstep. Being able to edit your actual posts would be a very welcome feature.

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