Finally, An Easy to Use Zombie Survival Guide


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Everyone knows about the Zombie Survival Guide, the how to manual by zombie expert Max Brooks. The man has released three books on the topic of zombie survival and history.

But you may say "I am way too lazy to read books. Wouldn't it be great if we could have all that information in one easy to access spot. I won't have time to read when the zombies attack, anyway."

Problem solved. I present to you a guide to zombie survival so accessible, a brain dead gnat would still have the attention span to follow along. This should be posted in every workplace along with minimum wage and child labor laws.

This guide seems to really hammer in the fact that portable solar power would be a good tool to have during the zombie end of days. Could be because GoalZero sells portable solar power generators, could be pure coincidence.

Even if it is a shameless plug, I really can't argue. With a crumbling infrastructure, most power plants would be non-operational in a few short weeks. A personal power supply would be clutch when the zombies attack.