'Final Girl' Horror Film Supercut Gets You Ready For Halloween

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Tricks, treats, pumpkins, costumes, and horror movies are just some of the necessary staples of Halloween, and what better way to get you the mood than with a supercut highlight reel that focuses on the some of the horror film industry's most famous "final girls." For those who don't know, a "final girl" is the female protagonist who is still alive at the end of the horror movie, and she also one who usually bests the bad guy, be it Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, or a H.R. Giger-designed xenomorph. With that in mind, that should give you some idea of the characters that make an appearance in Vulture.com's nifty video.

According to Vulture's post, the term "final girl" was coined in 1992 by Carol J. Clover, a film theorist and professor of film studies, and her term fits perfectly. Unfortunately, the scenes are annotated with their appropriate movie , which means the "can you name all of the movies" game has been called off. With that in mind, did they leave anyone off? From here, the list seems pretty comprehensive; although, I question the inclusion of The Descent's heroine. In the original ending, she didn't make it out of the cave alive. Unfortunately, American audiences were treated to a tamer, happier ending.

If nothing else, this remix/supercut should give you a few more additions to your last second Halloween movie-watching marathon, and that's always a good thing.

[Lead image via Vulture.com]

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