Final Fantasy IV Now Out for iPhone, Trailer Released


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Final Fantasy IV is now out for iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. The game includes the 3D graphics overhaul from the 3DS version of the game, "revamped" events, and achievements to earn. Also, the Final Fantasy IV App Store page states that "Game difficulty has been adjusted for improved playability," a bit of a joke for fans who know the game's original version has a reputation as one of the hardest Final Fantasy titles.

The game centers on Cecil, a dishonored knight, as he and a large cast of characters run from his former soldiers while searching for mysterious and powerful crystals. The trailer below goes through all of the new features and shows off how the graphics look on the iPhone.

In expected-but-still-exciting news, the end of the trailer teases the release of Final Fantasy V for mobile platforms...and more to come. That means Square Enix is finally, slowly, making its way toward the mobile re-releases that fans really want: Final Fantasy VI and VIII.