Final Fantasy Dimensions Released for Android

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To fans of the ongoing Final Fantasy series, Square Enix's recent focus on mobile gaming, its Final Fantasy XIV MMO, and sequels to Final Fantasy XIII can seem disappointing. Remakes of older Square games and re-visits of well-trod worlds can be nice, but they aren't a replacement for a Final Fantasy XV.

Still, the publisher's focus on mobile could end up being the best thing it has done since Final Fantasy X. The limitations of current mobile platforms could require developers to re-visit the designs and writings that made Square the most successful console RPG maker of the 20 years.

A good example of this is Final Fantasy Dimensions, a 2-D RPG in the style of SNES games such as Final Fantasy V and Chrono Trigger. The game is an homage to those older Final Fantasy games, released in episodic form in Japan. The entire game was released for iOS back in August. The game's story is familiar territory for fans of the series, featuring airships, crystals, and a job system for character abilities.

This week, Final Fantasy Dimensions has finally made its way to the Google Play store. Android owners can now purchase the game for $20. Though that's a hefty price for a mobile game, it's far lower than the price of an SNES cartridge in 1994.

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