Fifty Shades Of Grey, Fifty Shades Of Confusion


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Nobody said it would be easy to cast stars for one of the most successful trilogies concerning a vulnerably heated relationship. However, nobody could have predicted the string of complications that have befallen the Hollywood project of bringing the escapades of Christian Grey to life on the big screen. Fifty Shades Of Grey's widespread popularity is proving to create some problems.

First, there are those who still question the popularity of the series written by E L James and the desire to have the films made in the first place.

Concerns have also centered around the script where Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Patrick Marber has now been added to refine the present script.

There is also the issue of finding and keeping the right movie stars for the job. Charlie Hunnam had all the ingredients to be an ideal candidate; however, backed out due to reported claims of conflicting work requirements and rumors of discouragement regarding an overwhelming level of media attention.

While casting agents are busy buzzing about the potential Mr. Grey, Dakota Johnson has decided to remain.

So, who will assume the role of Christian Grey? Ian Somerholder of Vampire Diaries fame, Matt Bomer of White Collar, Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood, and Jamie Dornan from Once Upon A Time have all been mentioned as possibilities.

Even Patrick Dempsey was cornered about potential rumors to play the role.

The elusive task of finding and pinning Christian Grey down is proving to be as complicated for Hollywood bigwigs as it was for the fictitious Anastasia Steele.

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