Ferguson Cop Reportedly Beaten By Michael Brown

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The Ferguson Cop that shot Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, was reportedly beaten by Brown so severely that he had broken bones in his face.

There was also an alleged struggle for the officer's gun that led to the final altercation that took Brown's life.

As details emerge from the August 9th shooting of Michael Brown by the Ferguson Cop, supporters on both sides of the situation have shown their support for who they believe was not at fault in the unfortunate situation.

Many believe the story that Michael Brown was surrendering with his hands in the air when Wilson fired on him. They believe that the sole reason for his death is the color of his skin.

However, there are a growing number of those who say the details that continue to come out point to Michael Brown as the one at fault for the incident. They think that since Brown reportedly began a fight with the Ferguson Cop by trying to get his gun and beating him severely. He then allegedly charged the officer when Wilson ordered Brown to freeze, causing his own death.

Those supporters, few in number, but growing, have found several ways to stand by the Ferguson cop.

One way they have shown support is a funding page at GoFundMe.com for Darren Wilson and his family.

The site has raised almost $300,000 for Officer Wilson and his family's financial needs, protection costs, and upcoming legal costs.

There are also a few very prolific Facebook pages in support of the Ferguson cop.

The founder of one such page said,

“I put myself into that family’s shoes. I would want to know that not everybody hated me for doing my job.”

People are also showing support by leaving blue lights on outside their homes to stand silently with Officer Wilson. They are also protesting and rallying in the midst of all the chaos in Ferguson.

What do you think? With all the information that comes out day by day, is it hard to tell who is at fault here?

Lacy Langley
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