FCC To Require Mobile Roaming Agreements Between Carriers

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The Federal Communications Commission has approved measure that requires major wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon to enter into data- roaming agreements with smaller competitors.

The FCC said consumers expect mobile services that will allow them to stay connected wherever they go and that a data roaming rule will help ensure services are not interrupted and that coverage is available on a competitive basis.
The measure by the FCC is aimed at promoting investment in mobile broadband networks, increasing competition, and not limiting consumers choice in rural areas.

“Americans in every corner of the land rely on their smartphones to stay connected through e-mail, social media and other applications—whether for business reasons or for communicating with family and friends,” said Commissioner Michael Copps.

“What good is that smartphone if it can’t be used when a subscriber is roaming across the county or across the country? Our regulations must reflect today’s reality and not make artificial distinctions between voice and data telecommunications.”

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