FC Barcelona Blows League Title In Final Game


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Well, that's that! La Liga is over and a champion other than Real Madrid or FC Barcelona has been crowned for the FIRST time in ten years!

Atlético Madrid never really had to do much...other than not lose away to Barcelona on the last day of the Spanish football season. No pressure.

In seasons past, holding their own against Barça at Camp Nou would have been a tall order for the visiting Atlético.

A goal by Alexis Sanchez in the 33rd minute lifted Barcelona 1-0 going into the second half. The scoreline, had it held, would have been enough to allow them to steal the league out from under Atlético at nearly the last minute.

However, a determined Atlético bounced back.

Diego Godín headed a brilliant goal to the back of the home team's net, bringing the game level and swinging the momentum decisively in Atlético Madrid's favor.

Though Barcelona threatened, they were never again able to regain the upper hand on their visiting opponents.

When it was all said and done, the game ended 1-1.

Atlético and the club's fans celebrated a rare La Liga treat while hoping this is the beginning of their turn as a serious force in the traditionally "two horse" Spanish league.

Perhaps it will be.

Or it could mean that, as with Valencia under Rafa Benetiz, this is just a fluke and next season will see either Real Madrid or FC Barcelona as champions once more.

Speaking of Real Madrid, the whites trotted out winners over Espanyol on the final day and will finish the season in third.

The two Madrid teams each have a trophy this season and will meet in the Champions League final to fight it out over one more.

For now Atlético is busily savoring their first title win since the 1970s. Whether there will be more silverware added by the Madrid team is something fans are no doubt anxious to find out.

Image via Atlético Madrid (Eng), Twitter