Favorite Car Color Finally Revealed

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In car news, white is the new silver, baby! All silver cars must move off the runway,... or off the driveway. PPG Industries--the color kings and queens of transportation vehicles and some other junk--have announced that in the year of 2013, 25 percent of the vehicles they supplied were white. White has had a slight increase in popularity, according to the percentages from last year, and has knocked silver from the top of the list.

Actually, silver shares its silver medal for second place with black. Europe, North America, as well as Asia are crowning white as the most preferred hue for vehicles. It is being said that Apple Inc. is responsible for bringing white back into fashion, by associating advanced technology with their latest products which were initially catchy shades of white. The comparison and reasons suspected for the increase in the popularity of white hues seems to be plausible.

Apple Inc. is definitely known for its technological trendsetting which drove multitudes of people to jump on the Apple bandwagon and ride it to Hell. Ok, maybe not that far, but at least far enough to reach another Apple store in order to get the latest technological product which was soon to be seen in the hands of everyone on the streets. It's not difficult to see how the color choice of the company could in turn popularize a color for another product. So, even in the vehicle world, white reigns. But what is happening to the other hues? Doesn't anybody love them?

Well, somebody does. Automakers are already planning to have a hand in picking the influential car colors in the years to come. Jane Harrington is the automotive color styling manager at PPG Industries, and she plans on giving  a woman's touch to auto color choices that will be available in the near future. Harrington has plans on moving toward deep jewel tones and earthy metallic looks for the 2016 and 2017 styles. But for now, it still looks like people are going with great white.

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