Fats Domino Named Grand Marshal for Mardi Gras 2014


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After numerous requests, legendary singer Fats Domino's has agreed to join New Orleans' Mardi Gras celebration and has been named honorary grand marshal of the Krewe of Orpheus--an organization that puts together one of the largest parade celebrations during the Mardi Gras season. The story was first reported by The Associated Press.

But at 85 years of age, it would be it extremely hard for Domino to ride on a float during the celebration, so instead, his son Antoine Domino III will take his place.

"No way," Fats said, when asked if he would join his son and other family members on the parade float," but when it came to accepting the grand marshal title, he said "I'm happy to do it."

Michael Murphy, who's an officer for Orpheus, said he couldn't believe that Fats finally said yes to the grand marshal title and said he couldn't ask for anything more this coming Mardi Gras, which officially kicks off on Tuesday March 4. "It's jaw-dropping," he stated. "It's the biggest blessing that we could ever ask for. We are extremely honored."

Domino III won't only be riding on the float and tossing makeshift gold coins to the crowd during the parade, he'll also be playing some of his dad's biggest hits and join other members of the Domino family in a musical celebration. The family gathering on the float is expected to delight fans both young and old.

Michael Hunt, a local New Orleans artist known for designing a popular LSU Tigers poster, created another special poster for Domino's Krewe of Orpheus involvement, which will be autographed by the "Blueberry Hill" singer himself. And Hunt says although he's thrilled that Domino was named grand marshal, he would never expect him to ride on the float, because It would be way too demanding for him.

"Riding in a parade is a lot more exhausting than people realize, especially when you're throwing, not just waving," he said. "Very few of his age can do that, but what Orpheus has done rivals any celebrity sitting on a throne. This is going to be an interactive experience unlike anything that's been done at Mardi Gras before. You're going to get a Fats family reunion along with a live concert."

Image via Wikimedia Commons.