Father's Day Google Doodle: User Reactions

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The Father's Day Google Doodle this year is a charming little animated logo featuring a letter-based father receiving a robotic gift from his child. The design almost looks retro, like a '50s version of what the future might look like, and the coloring is in a muted palette of mostly neutral colors. It's simple but cute and effective, which can sometimes be the mark of a great design. It doesn't have to be flashy to be awesome.

The Google Doodle has become an important part of the search engine's legacy in recent years, reaching out to every generation to find fans with innovative logos incorporating such things as a playable guitar and a super-sweet working game of Pac-Man. Each special creation celebrates a holiday or special event of some kind, and sometimes honors important people in our history with birthday-related themes.

Sometimes the Doodle leaves Google users questioning where the company comes up with their ideas for the special logos, such as the one commemorating the world's largest snowflake. It seems at times that Google just wants to get a conversation started, and their supreme level of visibility allows them to do just that.

While the Doodles are almost always either innovative, lovely, thought-provoking, or a combination of all three, not everyone is impressed by what they offer, as evidenced by some of the critiques given on the logo celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; some said it was too simple, while others wished for an interactive Doodle. But for the most part, Google users are met with a nice surprise when they navigate to the search engine, making the Google Doodle hugely popular. It seems people are pretty satisfied with the latest take, as seen on Twitter.

Google also holds contests for young artists to gain exposure with their own logos, offering thousands of dollars in scholarships and school funds, among other prizes.

Amanda Crum
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