Faster Facebook iOS App Coming in a Couple Months [REPORT]

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At this point, waiting for Facebook to improve their iOS app is tantamount to waiting for a photo to load inside the Facebook app - slow, painful, and it makes you question exactly how bad you really want it.

We pretty much know that Facebook is currently working on a big update to their iOS app, which is notoriously slow, clunky, crashy, and a bunch of other things that aren't very good for high-profile apps with millions and millions of users. Back in June, we heard that Facebook developers were building an all-new app with a focus on speed, speed, and speed. Those who had an early hands-on described it ads "blazingly fast."

We received additional confirmation thanks to a reddit AMA, where a Facebook engineer said that the app team knows that the iOS app needs a lot of work and it needs to be faster. "Trust me that we are working on exactly that," he said.

And today, Bloomberg reports that we may have to wait a little bit longer for the new Facebook iOS app than previously expected. Previous reports said we'd see an update by the end of July, but as you're well aware that window is coming to a close. Sources say that we'll probably see an initial release in the next couple of months, with a finalized version launching in 2013.

Back in May, we heard that Facebook had hired a bunch of new engineers, many of them former Apple people who had worked on the iPhone and iPad.

Apparently, those engineers have spent most of their time on this new iOS app, but are moving on to something else - a Facebook phone.

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