Fast & Furious 7 Resumes Filming


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Since the untimely death of actor Paul Walker in November, there has been an immense amount of speculation regarding the most recent Fast & Furious film.

After months of delays for film, it seems the seventh installment is back on production track.

The cast and crew have officially headed back to work filming the highly anticipated film less than four months after the tragic death of Paul Walker.

Universal Pictures previously confirmed that shooting for the seventh film would resume in Atlanta on March 31.

So it seems the production might've kicked off a little earlier than planned.

The production will have lane closures and special effects on their shooting site March 16th through the 22nd. The notice of lance closures was sent out to local Atlanta businesses said "the work will include automotive stunts, simulated combat, and special effects". Those special effects will include explosions and simulated munitions fire.

Not only will the shooting be taking place in the south, it seems the crew has ventured back to Dubai.

Walker's Fast & Furious co-star and close friend Tyrese took to Instagram, showing off a gorgeous shot of Dubai. The photo was captioned 13-hours ago saying,"I'm back.........."

So far, Tyrese who plays Roman Pearce in the movies is the only cast member of the Furious franchise to comment on the production being back on track.

Tyrese first spoke out about the tragic loss of Walker saying, “It was a lot of shock and trauma for his family and all of us involved. I’ve never been depressed in my life but I was very sad and down and it took a minute for me to shake it."

He also mentioned how visiting the beautiful Dubai helped him find his smile again.

While there are some rumors of Walker's brother filling in, It is still unclear how Walker's character (Brian O'Conner) will leave the series. The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters July 11, 2014. It will now open on April 10, 2015.

Image Via YouTube