Farrah Abraham: 'Teen Mom's' Lips Looking Better

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Farrah Abraham underwent what can only be described as a botched lip procedure recently, leaving the Teen Mom-turned porn star looking rather like a duck. Fortunately for Farrah, her lips are looking much better these days. She was spotted on Long Island in New York this past weekend--at a gentlemen's club, no less--and her lips were definitely back to normal.

Abraham even posed with a stripper pole at this gentlemen's club--called The Scene, for those who want to hang out where the Teen Mom goes--further indicating she is back to normal. Apparently that's what reality stars who transition to the porn industry do?

Farrah Abraham explained what went wrong with her botched lip procedure when photos of the result hit the internet. She claimed to have been testing a new process during which "the doctor puts an implant in the patient's lip" as opposed to a simple collagen injection.

The result was terrifying.

The inflammation shown in the photos of Farrah was reportedly caused by an allergic reaction to the anesthetic used during the procedure.

As you can see in the shots of Farrah Abraham and her beau--yes, he accompanied her to Long Island and that visit to the gentlemen's club--it's plain to see that her lips are looking much better these days.

Hopefully Farrah will leave the remainder of her body parts alone. She has undergone a breast augmentation, and people have long expected she's had cosmetic surgery on her face as well. This botched lip job should have scared her right out of the cosmetic surgeons's office--for good.

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